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Who we are

Want to add some 'Nature' to your property? , the Patel Gardening Decor will do it for you. Passionate and experienced professionals of our team finds the best landscape design that suits the climate, location and style of your property. And currently we are planting this nature in India.
Under the leadership of Mr. Shaikh Aseer Patel, the firm is focused on being the best landscape agency for clients by providing top-quality ,on-time installation, and outstanding customer service.

Why Patel Gardening

We are innovative

Innovative forms the foundation for any new inventive. And so, we develop creativeness to nurture your dreams.

We care for Quality

We provide services with unmatched quality and beauty with affordable cost.

We deliver on time

We complete all the project on time. We have a good cliente in all over Aurangabad.

Wide experience

We have more than a decade of experience in the field.

Our Vision

Be & Be Recognized as the best landscaping (Gardening) agency in the world.

Our mission

We work hard every day to make Green World. and take care of every single tree.

Our Services

Commercial Gardens

Your landscape is the first thing that people notice when they visit your premises. A well maintained property ensures that a company is on top of things and that they care, not only about their bottom line, but about their company as a whole as well as the environment they work in.

Residential Gardens

Residential landscaping can be defined as the art and practice of improving the appearance and aesthetic appeal of a home using living plants. Each home and its landscape should be a reflection of the people who live there.

Vertical Gardens

A vertical garden is a wall that is covered with plants that includes a growing medium, such as soil. Vertical Gardens are also known as living walls or green walls. Green walls may be indoors or outdoors, free-standing or attached to an existing wall, and come in a variety of sizes. .

Terrace & Balcony Gardens

Growing buildings and apartments are surely taking up lands and spaces where once beautiful trees use to stand tall. But realizing the matter in hand and dire need of greenery around, people have started to opt an in-house garden approach for a much-needed recovering lifestyle.

Lawn & Garden Care

Your yard is an important extension of your home and with today's busy schedules, low maintenance care is key. Let Ace Hardware help with lawn and garden essentials.

Landscape Maintenance

Maintenance is the most important part of landscaping because without maintenance garden can not grow properly.

How we work

1 - Site Visit

First our Expert visit the site and take all over requirement of client. and explain to client how we can do better then clients expectation.

2 - Evalution

Our expert engineer evalutes the site. and give better solution to clients.

3 - Proposal

Our Admin departement executive meets the clients and gives complete gardening solution and reasonable cost, without any compromise with quality and expected timeline.

4 - Agreement

After finalising proposal the next step is agreement. we put all over work in aggreement , what material we use, Total cost and total timeline.

5 - Development

Our experts work hard and carefully develop your lands with best quality plant, Use fertilizer , insecticide & pesticide and all requirment of clients which is given in aggreement.

6 - Maintence

We take care of you gardens, We examine plants carefully , Clean up in the fall, Apply the correct fertilizer etc.